Since the very first PayPal payment was sent via a Palm Pilot, we’ve been working to transform money for people and businesses through technology. And while a lot has changed over the past 15 years, we’ve remained focused on making it easier and safer for people to do what they want with their finances – make a purchase, start a business, help family or friends, or support a cause.

Our Social Innovation efforts build upon this unique expertise and sense of purpose, and extend them to have meaningful, lasting social impact through our business. We focus on two key areas: enabling more financial opportunity for individuals and merchants, and increasing the volume and scale of charitable giving around the world. In addition, we guide all our operations with a strong set of responsible practices, and we raise our voice to affect industry-wide change on issues that matter to our customers and stakeholders.

Our Areas of Impact

Powering Giving

We’re pioneering solutions that are enabling unprecedented levels of charitable giving around the world.

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Financial Inclusion & Participation

We’re committed to building a future where people of all backgrounds and economic standings have the opportunity to participate and thrive in the global economy.

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Strengthening Communities

Our employees drive social impact in communities around the world, and bring to life our mission to democratize financial services.

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Latest News


Visit our content archive to access previous environmental and social impact disclosures, as well as videos, infographics and case studies relating to our work.

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Responsible Practices

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, empower an open and diverse workplace, and strive to treat everyone who is touched by our business with dignity and respect.

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Thought Leadership

Learn more about some of the global issues we care about, as well as our research publications and other partnerships in which we engage to make a difference.

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